2016 Hyper-V SCVMM Software Defined System Center Windows Server

SCVMM console crashes when opening VM host properties

Error: “VMM cannot use [Logical Switch] to create a virtual switch a there are no uplink port profile sets present on this logical switch”

Environment: SCVMM 1801.

Symptom, right click on a Hyper-V host and after a couple of seconds the below error. After clicking OK, VMM crashes.



The fix that worked for me.

First check the host group of the problematic hosts.

In this deployment, they live in host group “Tenant HCI”



Next, check the Logical Switch uplink sets. In my case, I have one named UPLink-BL-CNA


Take a look at the Logical Network Definitions (Network Sites) that are selected.


After checking a couple of network sites, I found that the network site “LNet-ExpressRoute_Private” was not enabled for the Host Group that the problematic hosts live in


Select the Host Group and make sure the jog completes successfully.

(in my case I selected the parent host group to enable inheritance)




I can now successfully open the server properties.



Essentially, if this is a problem for you, then check the network sites that are selected for the uplink are scoped to the host group.

Hope this helps


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