SCOM assessment in OMS – getting it going..

Firstly, make sure you have:


Admin access to your SCOM environment

SCOM management servers are added to your Ops Inslights portal.

Enabled the SCOM Assessment solution


Then go to the SCOM assessment configuration tile



Download the PS1

I ran from one of my SCOM management servers


At this point it connects to the named MS

Press 1 to set the Run As account



This is where some might get stuck. You have to enter the display name of a run as account that is already in your Operations Manager deployment.

I am using our Fabric Administrator Action Account



Next we enable the SCOM assessment to run


As we see from the output, the script is creating a new override management pack. We’ll look at this in a moment.

Below is the rest of the output after it’s succeeded in its task


Last is option 3 to set the


After that completes, q to exit.



Now go back to your OMS portal and click home

Your SCOM assessment tile will be updated saying it has 1 server assessed:



enter the tile and we see the assessment is pending data.


So, at this point you are technically done and you should start seeing data in the OMS portal in the next day.



Stop here if you’re in a hurry…



For the curious ones out there, I took a little look into what management objects are added or modified in SCOM.

Go to your Run As Profiles and filter > “SCOM Assess” and you will find the below


Open the properties and we will see the Run As Account we defined in the script is now listed here.


Let’s go look at the overrides..

Filter your view by the SCOM Management server name.

We can see our overrides that enable the rule and set it to 1 day cycle


So there you go.. You should start seeing data in your Insights portal in the next day.



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