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S2D on HPE Gen10 LFF – The BOM

A few months ago we placed an order for some slick HPE Gen10 hardware to replace our existing storage service. Our trusty Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces with DL360 Gen8’s and DataON enclosures has served us well, very well, but it’s time to move on to the latest and greatest…

“The SANKiller”

At the time of writing this (10 of April 2018), although they’ve very recently added 2 more SFF configs, HPE have not published a WSSD certified solution for Gen10 LFF chassis. I’ve had several chats with people advising that they’d like a Gen10 LFF solution so that lead me to this post.

After a bit of back and forth with HPE, reaching out to a few trustworthy sources and relying on the trusty old WSC for validation, we ordered the below list of parts. Hopefully it all fits together and works 😉

This chosen config gives us a smidge over 93TB of capacity with 25.6TB slippery cache. We do not intend on using this as HCI but should the need arise, we have some capacity available here to consider that as an option. The sizing/density in the below was right for our requirements but might not suit your needs, so keep that in mind.

Ideally I’ll get to blogging the build etc but thought for anyone out there wanting to source a HPE Gen10 LFF for S2D or SDDC then this might help.

Anyway, that all said, I’ve had lots of fun over the last 12-15 months delivering awesome S2D solutions for our clients (on HPE, Dell & Lenovo) as well as using some of our existing Gen8 & Gen9 hardware to gain some good experience, but this is an exciting moment for me as we are breathing a new breath of fresh air to our primary platform.

Remember, this was our config so no warranties on this info.. i.e. all care and no responsibility 🙂

868706-B21 4 HPE DL380 Gen10 8LFF CTO Server
826854-L21 4 HPE DL380 GEN10 5118-12C FIO Kit
826854-B21 4 HPE DL380 GEN10 5118-12C KIT
815098-B21 32 HPE 16GB 1Rx4 PC4-2666V-R Smart Kit
826687-B21 4 HPE DL38X Gen10 Premium 2SFF HDD Kit
873367-B21 8 HPE 3.2TB SAS 12G MU SFF SC DS SSD
867805-B21 4 HPE DL380 Gen10 LFF 1U SAS/SATA Kit
857644-B21 32 HPE 10TB SAS 7.2K LFF SC He 512e DS HDD
875490-B21 8 HPE 480GB SATA RI M.2 2280 DS SSD
870549-B21 4 HPE DL38X Gen10 12Gb SAS Expander
817753-B21 4 HPE Eth 10/25Gb 2P 640SFP28 Adptr
804326-B21 4 HPE Smart Array E208i-a SR Gen10 Ctrlr
817749-B21 4 HPE Eth 10/25Gb 2P 640FLR-SFP28 Adptr
867810-B21 4 HPE DL38X Gen10 High Perf Fan
865414-B21 8 HPE 800W FS Plat Ht Plg LH Pwr Sply Kit
733662-B21 4 HPE 2U LFF Easy Install Rail Kit

Note* I’ve excluded all the ToR switches etc as we are doing a bit of fabric refresh at the same time. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in what hardware we used there too.

Hope this helps!

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