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Rename VMs in cluster to match SCVMM naming

Another one from the vaults:

If you’ve been using Hyper-V clusters with SCVMM, you’ll probably notice the cluster resources named a specific way when the VM role is made highly available with SCVMM.

example shown below:


Now if you’re a bit of a nutter like me, and can’t stand the cluster roles that don’t have the “SCVMM <vm name> Resources” naming convention, then the below will update the names to match the SCVMM convention.

Note, I do not do this often, as when I find VM roles with a non-SCVMM naming convention, this lets me know there is a process issue and engineers are creating HA VMs outside of SCVMM.

Be mindful that this changes the name of your cluster role so if you have anything depending on this you should check before applying

Below is the script I ran to change the names… You’ll need to remove the hash on line 8 to actually make the change.

$clusters = Get-SCVMHostCluster | select Name

ForEach($cluster in $clusters){
     $vms = Get-ClusterGroup -Cluster $cluster.name | where {$_.Name -notlike "*Cluster Group*" -and $_.Name -notlike "*Available Storage*" -and $_.Name -notlike "SCVMM *"} | ogv -PassThru
     ForEach($vm in $vms){
         $newname = "SCVMM " + $vm.Name + " Resources"
         Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "Old name $($vm.name) and new name will be $($newname)"
         #$vm.Name = $newname 

Anyway, as always, use with caution.


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