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SCVMM 2012 R2 – Refresh Host Cluster – Error (25122)

Fast publish (this is becoming a common phrase) so be kind…


When refreshing host cluster in VMM, for some reason we started to see the below error in VMM:


Error (25122)

The specified address ((AllocatedIPAddressData#e449) { id = 6ea8ddba-b8a7-43f6-856e-0a4d35076681, LastUpdatedTimestamp = 3/24/2015 5:55:17 AM }) is already allocated by the pool (IPPool-LNet-Mgmt). This address should be assigned to only a single entity.

Recommended Action
Resolve to which entity this address is allocated.

The script to fix it.

# Ok, let’s find the problematic IP: 
$ID = "6ea8ddba-b8a7-43f6-856e-0a4d35076681" 
$IP = Get-SCIPAddress | where {$_.ID -eq $ID} 

# OK, so we have the IP as a variable… Now let’s revoke it: 
Get-SCIPAddress -IPAddress $IP | Revoke-SCIPAddress

# Let’s get the host cluster that failed into a variable. 
$VMHostCluster = Get-SCVMHostCluster -Name ""

# Get the IPPool from the IP Pool Name in the error 
$IPPoolName = "IPPool-LNet-Mgmt" 
$IPPool = Get-SCStaticIPAddressPool -Name $IPPoolName

# Assign the IP to the cluster: 
Grant-SCIPAddress -GrantToObjectType HostCluster -GrantToObjectID $VMHostCluster.ID -IPAddress $IP.Name -StaticIPAddressPool $IPPool -Description $VMHostCluster.Name





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