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Powershell script to set speaker volume

On a recent MDT project the client requested to finish all builds with volume set at 30%.


Being committed to doing everything in Powershell, I jumped on the book of knowledge looking for some inspiration. As luck would have it, I found this response from knuckle-dragger that performed the complete task perfectly for me.


Below is the PowerShell script that meets my clients ‘need’…


Function Set-Speaker($Volume)


$wshShell = new-object -com;1..50 | %


$wshShell.SendKeys([char]174)};1..$Volume | % {$wshShell.SendKeys([char]175)



Set-Speaker -Volume 15


I save this as a ps1 and execute this as a Powershell Script towards the end of the task sequence and the volume magically gets set to 30%.

If my little function doesn’t suit your desires, this script from MS Script Center or this script from the scripting guys might be helpful


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