MDT 2013 Quick Tips Windows 8.1

MDT 2013 – Windows 8.1 & disable Hibernation

Disabling hibernation is simple enough (“powercfg.exe -h off”) but how would we do this in MDT.

As with all things MDT, there is often more multiple ways to achieve the same goal. The two methods I would use are by the modifying the unattend.xml as described here or using a command line step in the deployment sequence.

A recent MDT project found the clients needs were more aligned with the task sequence step option. Below is how to achieve this.


In your build task sequence, add a new run command line step and enter the powercfg command


Add > general > Run Command Line

new command line

Name your step and add the command line: “powercfg.exe -h off

The ‘Start in’ field is optional based on your personal preference. In a default build, leaving it blank should work.

disable hibernate 2


Note: unless you have some power settings being applied in other task sequence steps, it’s not overly important at which stage you place your new step, just as long as it’s in the state restore section.


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