Arc resource bridge via powershell

Quick tip – Arc resource bridge via powershell – working for AS HCI 22H2 Setup your powershell environment Install-PackageProvider -Name NuGet -Force Install-Module -Name PowershellGet -Force -Confirm:$false -SkipPublisherCheck Install-Module -Name Moc -Repository PSGallery -AcceptLicense -Force Initialize-MocNode Install-Module -Name ArcHci -Force -Confirm:$false -SkipPublisherCheck -AcceptLicense   Define variables for the MOC: $vswitchName=”ConvergedSwitch(compute)”

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Microsoft MVP again!

Last week I received the exciting news that I had been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for another year. It is an absolute honour to be considered for this amazing award, let alone actually receiving one. If you’ve being paying attention to my activities, not that I expect you would

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