Hyper-V SDDC Windows Server

Managing a Hyper-V Datacenter – overview

I have been wanting to put a series together for a while now on the many aspects to consider when running a Hyper-V platform. So here we are..

As usual I want to avoid step-by-step installs as there are plenty on the internet, so I will link the useful ones and comment on any variances I recommend or points that need a little more consideration.

This series will be organic and I will evolve over time. I welcome feedback or requests on anything around this topic that you’d like to see appear below.

  1. The Hypervisor
    1. Deployment
    2. Management
    3. Patching
    4. Clustering
    5. Security
    6. Tuning tips
    7. VMQ’s
  2. Storage
    1. SMB Storage
    2. Storage Spaces
    3. Storage Spaces Direct
    4. Scale-Out File Server
    5. Making legacy storage usable
  3. Networking
    1. Host networking/teaming
    2. Converged Networking and RDMA
    3. Network Virtualization options
    4. Software Defined Networking
    5. Express Route
  4. Management Tools
    1. I’m a SCVMM kinda guy..
    2. Failover Cluster Manager
    3. SCOM Integration
  5. Cloud and Tenant Management
    1. SCVMM Clouds
    2. Windows Azure Pack
    3. Service Management Automation
  6. Backup and Disaster Recovery
    1. DPM & Azure Backup
    2. Hyper-V Replica
    3. Azure Site Recovery
  7. Migrations to a Hyper-V platform
    1. Hyper-V Replica
    2. Legacy hypervisor conversion 😉
    3. Importing tenants


I hope you enjoy reading my rants!!

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